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Working since 1975 to be world class.

Our Story

Where It All Began

Capital Catering was established by award winning chef Paul Lotter. He has been working independently since 1997 to meet the growing demand for specialized catering services.

Chef Paul Lotter has represented South Africa in numerous competitions both local and international. He was the proud recipient of numerous prizes and awards, including two gold medals. He served as chairman of the Pretoria and Gauteng Branch of the South African Chefs Association. He consulted for the Blue Train and has been a member of the South African Culinary Team.

Capital Catering offers an efficient catering service comprising a variety of attractively prepared, tasty and appetizing products which are planned to meet the most discerning clients. The aim is to cater according to the needs and specifications of the individual which means that no request is too big or too insignificant.

After a consultation and planning session with the client, all menu items are personally prepared in the industrial kitchen. Emphasis is placed on creating delectable and visually pleasing dishes at realistic prices to suit the client’s requirements


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